Amy Kaufman Burk, Hollywood High: Achieve the Honorable

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Hollywood High: Achieve the Honorable

Caroline Black, fifteen and a straight-A student, longs for and fears a world beyond tests and grades. Born into a film-industry family, feeling like a misfit, Caroline transfers from the exclusive Laurel Academy for Girls to her local public high school, Hollywood High. She finds gangs, over forty native languages, teen prostitution and extreme violence targeting the LGBT community. The novel traces Caroline's group of friends' dawning awareness of homophobia in themselves and their community, as they navigate paths to becoming LGBT allies.Through the school year, Caroline discovers friendships and a rich diversity that allow her to thrive in ways she never imagined.

This book is written for anyone who is, or ever has been, an adolescent or a parent.

Literary Fiction, Young Adult,
Coming of Age, Gay and Lesbian